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A Thousand Tomorrows

Author – Karen Kingsbury

Cover of- A thousand Tomorrows

Genre – Romance , contemporary , Christian Fiction

Edition- Paperback

Pages- 224

5 out of 5 stars


The summary

When Cody and Ali cross paths during one of their many Rodeo events. Cody’s past childhood feelings, may keep him from the love of his life, and as for Ali she has a secret for herself. Will they be able to defy the odds, and live a thousand tomorrows together? Or will all be lost.

The Positives

– I really Enjoyed this Heart wrenching Novel. Not only because of the great characters, interesting plot, and unique Setting, but also because it reflected true life, and how no matter how much time we have on earth God is always here.

As mentioned above The character growth is what kept me reading the most. Cody our main character changes so much through the book! Especially with his emotions, However, we also see his career as a Bull rider expand from the first time he rides a bull to the last. As for Ali, the same thing goes however, I don’t want to get into her character as much because of spoilers but take it from me You will fall in love with both of theme as well as there families Cody’s brother who has down syndrome Was my favorite because of all his optimism.

The Negatives

I only can think of a few cons in this book , The first being that Codys Father though having a big impact on the story Isnt really discribed other than he is a football player but we really dont get to see him as a parent before a major conflict occurs. I wish we got to connect to him more as a character.

Like Cody I would have enjoyed maybe seeing Ali as a younger girl just a tad more.

Overall Despite the two minor flaws I really Enjoyed this book I highly recommend it I give this Karen Kingsbury Novel a 5/5 stars

Disclaimer: Cystic Fibrosis, Parent abandonment, Down syndrome , Death

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