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I found this tag on the blog the Bibliophile girl Feel free to do this tag as well and like always if you do post your posts link below.


  1. Spell out your blogs name

  2. find books on your TBR with each letter


E Eyes Wide Open By Ted Dekker”

M Milk and Honey” By Rupi Kaur

I Infidel a graphic novel “ By Ted Dekker

L “Lunatic” By Ted Dekker

Y( Nothing on my TBR starts with Y)

S “Seer” By ted Dekker


L. “Love comes softly“By Janette Oke

I Identity” By Ted Dekker

T Time and seasons” By Beverly Lehaye, Terrie Blackstock

T To Kill with Reason” By Thomas Hunter and Ted Dekker

L Leaving Home” Short Pieces

E Elsewhere” Gabrielle Zevin


B ”Blessed Child” By Ted Dekker

O ”Old Home Town” By Rose Wilder Lane

O ‘Old Bones” By Douglas Preston

K ”The Keeper” Prequel to Forbidden By Ted Dekker


N‘ The Night Circus” By Erin Morgenstern

O “Oliver Twist” Charles Dickinson

O” (I don’t have any other Os left)

K ”Kiss” By Ted Dekker

* All Pictures are from * Please comment below! Have you read any of these books? Got a review of one of them? feel free to link your post below, or just say Hi.

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