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Defiance on Indian creek a book review

Title – Defiance on Indian Creek: Dangerous Loyalties, Book 1

Author–Phyllis A. Still

Book Cover of- Defiance on Indian Creek: Dangerous Loyalties, Book 1

Genre- Children, Historical, Young Adult

Edition- Audiobook, ARC

Narrator-Angelina Kelly

length- 4 hrs and 51 mins

Rating – 4/5 stars

Publisher – White Bird Publications

Summary – “Defiance On Indian Creek ” Is a book set in 1775 right as the revolutionary war begins. On the wild frontier of Virginia, we follow mary Shirley as she discovers some secrets about her father, And how this secret will not only change how she feels about him but how it will soon change hers and her family’s life forever.

Disclaimer- * I was given this book for an honest review from*

“My thoughts”

“Defiance On Indian Creek ” Is not for the weak hearted this story is real it has real characters and real troublesome moments that the colonist and future pioneers experienced. Though I did not agree with everything mentioned I did really enjoy this work of Fiction. It was captivating and raw. which is something that I feel could be explored more in historical fiction. the time setting alone (The late 1700s) is something I have never read about in a work of fiction so that was pretty cool. Another thing that was portrayed correctly was Mary’s sense of good vs evil I felt it definitely seemed like typical thoughts of a girl her age. This is nice because I feel oftentimes authors seem to age their characters to fast.

As stated above this book was very high paced I ended up listening to this book in 1 day I just found excuses to read it!

Things I enjoyed

– The narrator being a young girl brought Mary to life.

– I enjoyed how well researched this book was.

– The fast-paced plot especially towards the end of the story.

Things I didn’t like

– The ending felt too abrupt

– The younger siblings seem to be ignored until book 2

* Trigger warnings *

mention of rape,

gun violence

mention of deathly disease


In closing

Overall “Defiance on Indian creek” Was a captivating story that is one of a kind. Originally I was afraid that some people would be so upset by the things listed above as triggers they would hate the story. however, If you go into this book knowing its for a mature audience and you realize the 18th and 19th century was not a fantasy but people had hardships and this was not written for a Christian audience you will enjoy this book, therefore, I Give this story 4/5 stars.

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