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Do Animals believe in God? A Book Review

Title – Do Animals believe in God?

Author – Carl Solomon sr.

Book Cover of Do Animals believe in God? Genre – Christian, children, Picture books, children’s fiction

Edition- Ebook (A.R.C supplied by Netgalley for an honest review.)

Pages-28 Rating 5/5 published : April 25, 2018

Summary- when daniel wakes up one Saturday morning. he goes on a quest to ask all the animals if they believe in God.

“My thoughts”

a very sweet cute story I loved the illustration they were so bright and beautiful wonderful use of colors. I another thing I would like to point out is how there is the use of multiple types of sentence structures to help children learn and become better readers. great for very young and say 1-2 graders both age groups can have fun with this book.

Things I enjoyed

as stated above I really really enjoyed the pictures it really brought it to life, especially for young children! Daniel is a very curious boy therefore very relatable to young children.

Things I didn’t like

the first page explaining that daniel our main character woke up and began the quest could have used a picture.

* Trigger warnings *


In closing

a wonderful book for all ages even as an adult I found it beautiful and nice to read. I can’t wait to share it with my niece and the children at my local church.

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