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Everything I’ve read During Covid-19 lockdown Social Distancing

 Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. I am doing pretty good I got over the flu just as the Covid-19 virus hit its peak so I’ve been in the house since the beginning of  February. To say the least, it’s allowed me to get a lot of reading done! At the beginning of the month, my TBR included the following books

1.  Newman’s Wave by Mike Sullivan

2. The Shack by W.M Young

3. Jamie Macleod Highland lass

4. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

5. collection of plays by Henrik Isben  ” A Doll House,” The Wild Duck,” “Hedda Gabler,” ect

Here is my Video on my Booktube channel that goes into more detail for my  February TBR.

As of March 26th I have DNF’ED “Newman’s wave, Finished and loved “Redeeming love” and started The plays by Isben as well as finished “The Chronicles of Narnia”, However I also have been dealing with some anxiety from Covid -19 and as much as I love to read for escape, I’ve been finding it difficult to actually focus. Therefore I plan on updating this as I read more. For those wondering why the header image showed children’s books that is because I have started a series ” Reading with Emily” on my channel so I’ll be counting those picture books as well. As time goes on if you wan to see a writtenre view or a review on my youtube channel of anything please feel free to comment below. Thanks stay safe and Wash your Hands!

Happy Reading Byeee!

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