Just Beyond The Clouds a book Review

Just Beyond the Clouds is the second book in the Cody Gunner series written by Karen King

sbury. In this book, we follow Cody Gunner our main protagonist from the novel: "A Thousand Tomorrows."

(click here for my review on it .) As well as Carl Joseph, a young man who has Down Syndrome, and his friends from his school. This book takes place in Cody's home town, in which he returns home to help with his brother. The idea of a character having a disability is Nice though I don't know anyone who has Down syndrome personally I do know people who have autism and other mental and physical handicaps so reading about the process it takes for someone to become independent is an important topic I feel more authors need to touch on.

"Just Beyond the Clouds " was just as good if not more heart wrenching than the first book in the series. I really related to the characters how the feeling of just wanting to fit it and to be seen despite their disabilities...This topic I feel is important in today's society because so many of us feel unseen and unheard.

the only thing I would change about this book is that Ellie Cody's teacher and her sister Daisy's relationship was shown a bit more maybe a couple of chapters of more on how Ellie copes with her sister's disabilities.

Despite this though I enjoyed the overall arcs of both the characters and the plot 5/5 stars. Karen Kingsbury never seems to fail me yet.

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