lost on the Titanic (out of time book 1)

Author – Jessica Rinker

Cover of- lost on the Titanic (out of time book 1)

Genre – Childrens fiction, Middle grade , Historical fiction

Edition- E-Galley


4 out of 5 stars

Publisher- Andrews McMeel Publishing

Disclaimer: I was given this book for a honest review by Netgalley

The summary – When Allie, Vic, and their friend, Max, are mysteriously sent back in time to the Titanic, they have to find a way to save their parents’ shop, save their futures, and get off the ship before it sinks! Join them as they explore the Titanic in its prime and attempt to find their way back to the present!

After the adventure, readers can flip to the back of the book to learn interesting facts about antique stores as well as the Titanic and its passengers!

The Positives

– “Lost on the Titanic” (Out of Time Book 1) was a captivating fun story. with funny relatable characters, and a great writing style on The authors part who is Jessica Rinkers I felt this book is a cross between a easy beginner chapter book something like Amelia Bedila and the beloved “Magic Tree House,” series by one of my favorite authors growing up Mary Pope Osborn.

Though its classified as middle grade i believe its better geared toward younger readers unless they struggle with reading then in that case they still would enjoy the plot. However more advanced readers wont be able to build a vocabulary much with this book. The plot though predictable at times for myself I feel was just the perfect balance of suspense and assurance for younger audiences. some may say the use of magic was unimaginative but I believe as a child they will love the simplicity and just see it for what it is Magic!

As stated above I really did enjoy the characters and I feel that readers will feel like these character could be there friends in real life. I am excited to see how the characters grow throughout this new series and if there is any cross over between time periods.

lastly I want to briefly mention the Illustration by Bethany Stancliff were beautiful, and really added to the story. They brought the beautiful ship of the “Titanic to life which I think children and adults can enjoy. Overall I would Highly recommend this book to anyone who loves stories of friendship, family or history, because though for a younger audience it is s a great beginning to the series. I also liked the facts at the end of the book which i would eat up in the magic tree house series so i know children will love them today as well.


The Negatives

Luna though the main source of conflict is hardly in the story I would of loved to see what she was up while Allie and Vic looked for her other than what we get from Molly brown. I hope she becomes a main characters in the series.

There friend max hardly existed wish we saw more character growth.

there was a few minor continuity errors between what the text said and what the illustrations show

Overall this book is great i’d defenitly buy this book and possibly future books in the series for my younger cousin 4/5 stars.

who’s your favorite character Allie,VIC, Max, or Luna the dog? comment below

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