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Hello, My name is Emily, I have been blogging off and on since 2019 and before that, I was an avid reviewer and newbie Booktuber on youtube. Since I have been at this for a while I want to get to know some of the community so I figured why not try and do this tag I found at Nish and Ngoc‘s blog.

Why did you start this blog? I started this blog because I want to talk to others about my love of books, and as of right now its easier to write out my thoughts than film videos. ( I’m a newlywed so im trying to find my new routine) I also get to improve my writing skills.

What are the fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging? I review both old books from like the 90s and new releases and a lot of Indie authors from my local area. Which I feel is unique for the most part I also read a wide range of different genres and both Christian authors and non-christain authors.

Why do you love reading? I love reading cause of the escape and adventures I get to go on. I also enjoy learning about other people’s lives and different places and time periods. What book/series got you into reading?

I would have to say probably the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborn I do remember reading before that but more for school or having my mom read to me. However, when I picked up the magic tree house book and was amazed. I remember it was a nice older librarian with grey-white hair and glasses who held the first two books behind her back and said these books are full of magic and history then handing them over (I thought she was magic cause she knew exactly what I would enjoy! To this day I wish I knew her name so I could thank her.

What questions would you ask your favorite authors? 1. who were your favorite authors growing up? 2.what/who inspired you to become an author? 3.If you could have lunch with any of the characters you created who would it be and why?

When did you start reading? I believe I was like 7 or 8 years old or very close to that. What kind of books do you like to read? like I said above a lot of different stuff such as historical fiction, historical romance, ( mostly by Christian authors ie- Micheal Phillips, Judith Pella ) I enjoy thrillers by Ted Dekker.) Young adult, though I’m starting to be pickier. and lastly, I enjoy classics and random stuff I find in my local library or bookstores.

well, that’s all from me folks I’d love to see your tags so feel free to link them below.

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