Season Under Heaven Book Review

Title – Seasons Under Heaven

Authors –Beverly LaHaye Terri Blackstock

Book Cover of- Seasons Under Heaven

Genre- Christian fiction,

Edition- Paperback


Rating – 5 out of 5 stars

Publisher -Zondervan

Goodreads Summary- What does a child’s life-threatening illness cost the neighbors of Cedar Circle? What joys can be hidden in life’s greatest tragedies? Behind brightly lit windows and on front porches, marriages are tested and mended, hearts broken, hopes resurrected, dreams released and reformed, values and futures shaped,

“My thoughts”

This book was wonderful, emotional and heartwarming. A perfect cozy read. I really want to read the rest of this series very soon. The characters felt like they were real people I connected to, the setting felt like a cozy warm town you would see in a Hallmark movie.

Things I enjoyed

the writing style kept me interested and it flowed well. The characters were very in-depth and real they didn’t feel fake the cliff hanger at the end is perfect to start the next book.

Things I didn’t like

the only thing I could say that might have been bad is the book is very dramatic (but I loved that) some say the ending is predictable (but I didn’t feel that)

* Trigger warnings *

sick children

In closing

5/5 stars beautiful and captivating I just couldn’t put it down if you like drama and Christian contemporary fiction it’s just great!

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